power reliability equipment cover

Depending on the structure, sometimes insulating equipment is more effective than isolating wildlife from the power line. Conductor covers create a barrier so that the animal cannot touch two energized phases, or an energized phase and a ground source at the same time.


Our equipment covers are designed for superior performance and ease of installation.

Hotstickable Bushing Cover


Hotstick compatible eye-screw adjusts to the size of the bushing for a tight fit. Mechanical hinges provide enhanced durability - no more taping! Bushing cover design is also compatible with distribution transformers, capacitors, potheads + primary metering. Dimpling is removable for temperature sensing.

Universal Cut Out Cover


Hotstick compatible universal cut-out cover for distribution cut-outs. Load Buster Compatible. Snap-fit design means it secures without any pins or clamps. No extra hardware = no extra costs = serious cost savings in the long run. UV resistant polymer covers arcing horns to prevent electrocution.

12" x 4" x 4" Cross Arm Cover Coupler


Raptor Guard Cross Arm Cover Coupler used to cover two cross arm covers that are abutted together. 12" long x 4" wide x 4" tall.

48" x 4" x 4" Cross Arm Cover


Raptor Guard Cross Arm Cover 48" long x 4" wide x 4" tall.